Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bizarre food, bizarre host

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is like Fear Factor without the fear.
I love watching food shows. Unless I have no food. Because hunger is almost always the result of watching any of those shows on Food Network -- some call it food porn. And after my taste buds are aroused, I prepare a snack to munch on while I watch Ina Garten make magic happen in her kitchen.
Today, the snack was my delicious potato salad I made two days ago. But unfortunately today it tasted like fried spleen and cheese, which tastes like mud. Thanks to Andrew Zimmern I know that spleen tastes like "deep river mud." The taste of my potato salad became very complex while watching Bizarre Foods. When Zimmern tasted blood sausage in Paris, I could taste the rich flavor of pig lung in my potato salad. Don't snack while watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.
But overall, I really enjoy Andrew Zimmern. I just like knocking him because he is a better descriptor than I am. Just watch his show and write down what he says each time he tastes something bizarre. Then try repeating the list at the Thanksgiving dinner table. I would just hate to cook him something that he didn't care for. He may tell me that my food "tastes like a lime that you cut open, and soaked in ammonia for 2 years," or is "like eating sweet Vaseline," as he has said on his show.
I watch Bizarre Foods a lot and I think Andrew Zimmern is very animated and fun to watch. But I have some major issues with the guy. Mainly, the only food I have seen him spit out was durian fruit. I've never tried it, I hear it's gross, but come on! Andrew Zimmern eats some real nasty stuff. He's eaten brains, sperm, hearts, and probably butt holes. But he couldn't handle the durian fruit?
However, the guy who owned the durian fruit farm looked very hurt and offended. As did the lady at the spleen sandwich dig when he told her it tasted like a deep river mud. Zimmern should probably be more culturally sensitive, but I think his brutal honesty is hilariously entertaining.
If a human rump roast looked good, would Andrew Zimmern eat it? That would be Bizarre.

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