Monday, June 16, 2008

PB & Bacon ???

I have told people before, I think anything tastes good with peanut butter on it. And I have also said bacon complements everything. Many of the people who I tell this to don't believe I am serious. They try and create crazy combinations to make me eat my words. Combinations like bacon ice cream, or peanut butter hamburgers. So instead of eating my words, I ate a very interesting find at the Detroit airport Sunday night. A peanut butter honey bacon sandwich on cinnamon bread. On the menu it's called The Exception. 
I mean, if you think about it, peanut butter is just like a peanut sauce, only thicker, creamier. After I explain this rationalization, most people agree that peanut butter really is an easily compatible ingredient. 
And think about bacon. It's salty, smokey and sometimes sweet, and is easily added to just about ANY food item: burgers, salads, guacamole, shrimps, potatoes, gravy, even CHOCOLATE! 
The cinnamon bread worked great with the peanut butter and honey. And the bacon really fit in really well. Do you mind it when a little syrup gets on your bacon? If I'm having pancakes, the bacon is used to get the remaining syrup with, then a biscuit—if I didn't already 86 it with my sausage gravy. 
So the sandwich was interesting. I think it would of been much better if the bacon wasn't so crispy. The soft crunch of the peanuts didn't work to well with the sharp crispy bacon, but oh the after taste! One of my favorite aspects of peanuts is that the taste keeps with you for a while. So on my flight back to Traverse City my mouth tasted like sweet and smokey peanut butter.
So don't be afraid to get crazy with peanut butter and bacon. I say they are 2 very compatible ingredients.