Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chubby Mary

I don't think I need to explain too much for this one. There is a smoked chub in my bloody mary. It wasn't gross. It may look gross. But it was delicious. The chub gives the mary a smokey accent, while the mary adds a bit of spice to the chub. It doesn't come served with a straw down the throat of the chub; that was my sister's idea, and a good one. So if you're ever in Northern Michigan, go to the Cove in Leland and order the Chubby Mary. I've never had a cocktail/appetizer so unique.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feasting at the Festival

Black Swamp Arts Festival '08 — 
Didn't make it to the arts festival? Shame on you. You don't have to be into art to enjoy the festival. The food is equally as awesome as the art. 
If the music didn't draw you in the stage area, the aroma in the air certainly did. I was lifted off of my toes like in the old cartoons and floated into the parking lot. I didn't make it much further than Po Mo's — the giant smokers really turned me on and I love ribs — but every vendor was rock'n out to good tunes and serving up sloppy festival delicacies. 
All of the vendors had something special to offer. from basic fair food to fried gator bites, the 2008 Black Swamp Arts festival once again delivered a tasty celebration.  
Here's a slide show for the people who failed to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity. Feast your eyes out. I hope you are kicking yourself. I'm still stuffed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Jerky Outlet

I have probably passed by at least one hundred times but have never stopped. I have always wanted to, but for some odd reason I never had. "WORLDS 2nd LARGEST SELECTION OF BEEF JERKY" is the archetype Midwest tourist trap. This past weekend, I couldn't resist passing up the M-61 exit off I-75 in Standish, Mich. 
I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I first walked in the door. I figured if it has the world's second largest selection, it must be chocked full of the saucy dehydrated strips of beef. I didn't think there would be any room in the Mobile filling station for windshield wipers, coffee, cigarettes and other gas station essentials. 
But there were a lot of jerky to choose from, and not just Beef. There was venison, bison, turkey and elk. I went with the Barbeque Buffalo Jerky and it was delightful! My car smelled very gamey for the remainder of the trip back to Bowling Green. 
After my visit I was left with 2 nagging questions:
1. Where is the worlds largest selection of beef jerky at? I want to go. 
2. Do they mean largest selection of beef jerky, or all types jerky?
It was a great little stop. I didn't buy a Jerky Outlet t-shirt, but I may have considered if I saw one. Not making the trip up I-75 anytime soon? No problem, visit www.thejerkyoutlet.com and order some.