Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feasting at the Festival

Black Swamp Arts Festival '08 — 
Didn't make it to the arts festival? Shame on you. You don't have to be into art to enjoy the festival. The food is equally as awesome as the art. 
If the music didn't draw you in the stage area, the aroma in the air certainly did. I was lifted off of my toes like in the old cartoons and floated into the parking lot. I didn't make it much further than Po Mo's — the giant smokers really turned me on and I love ribs — but every vendor was rock'n out to good tunes and serving up sloppy festival delicacies. 
All of the vendors had something special to offer. from basic fair food to fried gator bites, the 2008 Black Swamp Arts festival once again delivered a tasty celebration.  
Here's a slide show for the people who failed to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity. Feast your eyes out. I hope you are kicking yourself. I'm still stuffed.

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