Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Jerky Outlet

I have probably passed by at least one hundred times but have never stopped. I have always wanted to, but for some odd reason I never had. "WORLDS 2nd LARGEST SELECTION OF BEEF JERKY" is the archetype Midwest tourist trap. This past weekend, I couldn't resist passing up the M-61 exit off I-75 in Standish, Mich. 
I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I first walked in the door. I figured if it has the world's second largest selection, it must be chocked full of the saucy dehydrated strips of beef. I didn't think there would be any room in the Mobile filling station for windshield wipers, coffee, cigarettes and other gas station essentials. 
But there were a lot of jerky to choose from, and not just Beef. There was venison, bison, turkey and elk. I went with the Barbeque Buffalo Jerky and it was delightful! My car smelled very gamey for the remainder of the trip back to Bowling Green. 
After my visit I was left with 2 nagging questions:
1. Where is the worlds largest selection of beef jerky at? I want to go. 
2. Do they mean largest selection of beef jerky, or all types jerky?
It was a great little stop. I didn't buy a Jerky Outlet t-shirt, but I may have considered if I saw one. Not making the trip up I-75 anytime soon? No problem, visit and order some.

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