Friday, March 28, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tuna's Bloody Marys

I was at BW3's the other day for a Bloody Mary—their Bloody Marys are really great, except they cost nearly $5—when some stranger told me I need to go Howard's Club H if I want the best Bloody Mary in town. So, being the foodie I am, I went the next day and this is what I found. 
Look at it! It's glorious! A bold Bloody Mary with a light meal clinging to the rim for only $3.75. A block of cheese pinned to a stalk of celery, 3 pieces of shrimp, a lime wedge and a pickle studded with 4 olives. I especially love the shrimp with their heads dunked in the drink for a big sip—even they can't resist. Who knew Howard's offers more than music and pool? Breakfast! But these generous cocktails aren't available all week, only Saturday through Monday (if supplies last). Kermit's and Bob Evans might be losing business if too many people read this. 
The only thing that rivals this cocktail is Tuna's hospitality. Tuna is the bartender/legend who makes these tomato based masterpieces. Great job my friend. So let him be proud and order a Bloody Mary at Howard's. I don't think I will be returning to BW3's very soon.