Monday, April 28, 2008

China Village

The sign in the window that brought me in praises a $3.25 lunch deal. Then I looked on the menu and saw that none of the items exceed $4 anyway, so everything's special! Located in Downtown Bowling Green right across from the police station on West Wooster Street, this tiny little asian bistro has been serving up affordable Chinese since 1988. The China Village is a family restaurant, run completely by one married couple, except on the weekends when it's especially busy. Having only about 10 tables in the whole place, the hostess/server/owner has hardly any trouble managing on her own. And her husband seems to be doing just fine in the kitchen. Each combo dish comes with a heap of fried rice, an egg roll, your entree and your choice of either Won Ton, Egg Drop or Sweet and Sour soup. And, of course, a fortune cookie. My fortune: "You're the baddest dude around." My lunch: Almond Chicken combo platter My bill: $3.25

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