Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Subway's New Southwest Turkey Rueben

So, Subway is thinking about adding a new sandwhich to it's menu, The Southwest Turkey Rueben. One of the advantages of living in Northwest Ohio is the test market products. Last year I was fortunate enough to try out Taco Bell's Breakfast menu, and it was good! But unfortunatly it didn't make it, and I feel it's safe to say that the Southwest Turkey Rueben wont either. The sandwhich is only featured in 16 stores nation wide so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post my opinion, to let the rest of the country know what they are missing, or not missing. Overall, my Southwest Turkey Rueben experience was poor. The taste just wasn't there. Turkey doesn't have much of a taste and neither does the Sauerkraut they use. If they were hoping the Southwest sauce would make up for the lack of flavor, they were mistaken. All the sauce does is leave a slight burn on your pallate. I was expecting a much bolder and more "Southwest" of a taste than what I got. Subway.... next time you send something Southwest to Northwest Ohio, make sure it's got some peppers on it or something, not just two bland mediums for a boring sauce.


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