Monday, November 5, 2007

Easy Street, more like Meatball Avenue

Latley I have been on a mission which I recieved from a craving. A craving for a giant Meatball Sub. I had trouble finding one that satisfied my hunger last week, but tonight I believe I found exactly what I was looking for.
Easy Street Cafe's Meatball Sub comes with three giant meatballs that are bulging out of a toasted bun, covered with a classic marinara sauce and melted mozerella. It's a classic Meatball Sub and I ate every last bite. But the crux of the sub wasn't really how it was compiled, but how it was served. It comes served in a small casarole dish which my waitress, Lindsay, said it is baked in until the cheese melts and the edges of the bun get dark. I believe a great meatball sub will always be one that requires a fork and knife, and I would hate to see anybody try to pick up one these fat slobs. Lindsay said she has seen some terrible meatball fumbles. The sub was great although I can't say much for the fries that came at an extra charge. They where a bit saturated, comparable to Steak Escape's fries. So I tip my hat to Easy Street and their giant meatball sandwich. Meatball Sandwich - 6.99 Add Fries ----------- 0.95 16 oz Bass ---------- 4.25 Total ----------> $12.23

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