Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mosquito Bandito

It seems the most popular treat this week has got to be blood. Bowling Green is one big Blood Buffet.
These damn mosquitoes are eating us alive. If you can show me one person without a bite I will show you a person who hasn't gone outside in a week. I had to stop wearing sandals because my feet and ankles seem to be a delicacy among the mosquitoes. I also have some pretty tasty flesh on the back of my neck, dang skeeters be drilling there like it's Saudi Arabia.
Itching, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, West Nile, Avian Bird Flu and death.
It's bad enough that Bowling Green is a swamp, a Mosquito cesspool but I've never seen a truck drive around and spray for them at night.
Where I am from, a truck used to come out at night and spray chemicals in the air to manage the swarms of bloodsuckers. According to Kent Reichert, public works supervisor and city worker for 22 and a half years, Bowling Green hasn't sprayed for mosquitoes for quite a while but does use a doughnut type device that gets tossed into standing water when mosquito levels are high. The doughnut defense doesn't seem to be doing a very great job, maybe we should learn from our neighbor, Toledo, and spray for some skeeters.
So if you see me out this weekend, don't ask me what fragrance I'm wearing because the answer is clear. Mosquito repellent baby, a dab behind each ear.

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