Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Freddy's Falcon Talons

There is no better way to flaunt your Falcon pride than by showing up to your BGSU tailgate or party with a plate full of Falcon Talons. The Ohio State University has its chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes — yummm — and now BGSU has its Falcon Talons. They aren't hard to make, maybe a little messy, but who minds being covered in chocolate and Butterfinger crumbles? Brace yourself for the creative sweet cashew crunch.
  • 1 can (9.75 oz.) of whole cashews
  • 12 oz. semi sweet chocolate morsels. Mini morsels melt fastest.
  • 1 12.5 oz. bag of fun size Butterfingers. Pr a few king size.
  • 1 T of paraffin wax is optional.
  • Total cost: about $10
  • yields: 100+ talons
Crunch your butterfingers. To minimize a crumbly mess, leave the candy bars in the wrapper. The finer the Butterfinger is crumbled, the better. Dump the crumbs into a bowl.
Prepare an ice bath in a large bowl and place at the end of the table. This is the cashews' final plunge. It will help solidify the chocolate so the talon doesn't look like a turtle.
Open your nuts and place them on a plate at the front of the table. Scattering them on a plate can help you select the nuts that best resemble a falcon's talon. although the can says "full cashews," many wont be.
Melt the semi sweet morsels in a double boiler over medium heat. Add paraffin wax to improve the final product's glossy look. Once the chocolate is melted (and wax) remove from heat and place on table between the cashews and Butterfinger crumbles.
Now it's time to turn our nuts into talons. Hold onto what would be the tip of the talon and dip the other end into the chocolate. If the chocolate does not stick well, you may 
want to let it cool and thicken. Quickly, dip the talon into the Butterfinger crumbles and then immediately into the ice bath. The more quickly you complete this process, the better your talon will look. However, there is nothing wrong with a chunky funky talon. In fact, I prefer chunky chocolate and Butterfinger talons. If you experience a lot 
of your chocolate dripping off into the Butterfinger bowl, try molding the chocolate and Butterfinger around the cashew. They may not look the best, but they're certainly sweeter. I like to do about five nuts in a row and then I take them out of the ice bath and place them onto a plate — wax paper may come in handy. The talons shouldn't stay in the ice bath too long, because the Butterfinger will start to become soggy. Once you fill a plate, put it in the refrigerator so that the chocolate may solidify further.Get a clean plate and do it again!