Monday, July 14, 2008

A trip down Kielbasa Lane

I finally got around to checking out the annual Polka Festival in Cedar, Michigan. Just like you would expect to find at a polka festival, there was a lot Polish tradition. The town of cedar is small, it has one stop light, one bar and two meat smoke houses. Everybody's name ends in SKI and there is probably more red and white than there is red white and blue - even over 4th of July weekend!
So I found everything that I expected to find at the festival. A big tent with a dancefloor full of 3-stepping senior citizens. It was quite a scene. Are black socks with black sneakers a polish thing? because just about everyone was wearing them. There was lots of beer and even more Polish food. From the entrance of the tent you would of though all those people were bobbing their heads to the polka band. They were'nt. They were pounding down kielbasa!
They had plenty of pierogi, golabki and paczki, but what I went for was the Polish cornerstone: kielbasa and kraut! So did she ...
It was good. I mean, I'm not going to say it was the best I've ever had, but I really felt good about my Polish experience. I figure eating kielbasa at the polka fest in Cedar, Michigan is the closest I can get to eating a kielbasa in Poland without actually going there. Also, polka dancing is simple! I'm no pro, but my secret is to just count to three and kinda skip, hop and hold on to your partner. Kielbasa and lots of beer helps.