Monday, January 7, 2008


Being on the Gulf Coast I figured I had to get me some oysters. Now I've had oysters before, but I was in Ohio... I don't even want to know where they came from. So being in Mobile, Ala. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Mobile is one of the hottest oyster locations in the US, probably second to New Orleans.
Oysters are one of those foods that you either love or hate. It's really an acquired taste. Well, I'd say it's more of an acquired texture. Once you get over the cold, slimy and sometimes sandy texture, the taste isn't bad at all. I ordered my oysters three different ways; Fried, Nude and Char Grilled.
The Fried Oysters was nothing special at all. I almost regret ordering them because it wasn't an experience at all, it was just another deep fried popper. Of course it was delicious. Even a three year old that wont eat anything but grilled cheese, mac n' cheese and chicken fingers would enjoy fried oysters. So if you really want to experience oysters, try something a more bold.
Char Grilled oysters were fantastic. The oyster taste wasn't totally masked by the Parmesan and herb crust, but it certainly didn't taste like the ocean. What I love most about eating oysters is the ritual. You scrap the muscle loose, then throw the shell back like a shot glass and let the oyster slide into your mouth, give a little chew and swallow. Some people don't like to chew but this is incorrect. The Chef at Cohen and Cook in Toledo, Ohio told me if somebody isn't chewing the oyster at least a little bit then it is saying something about quality.
Nude. A single oyster absolutely naked on a half shell. I love it. It is simple, exotic, exciting, adventurous, primitive and bad ass. It's like drinking your coffee black or ordering your steak blue. Most people like to squirt a little hot sauce, lemon, salsa or cocktail sauce on their bare little buddy before, but you got to be careful. Too much of anything can drown out the natural taste of the oyster.
As for a little sand in your shell... People complain about fast food places like KFC, saying they don't know if the chicken is even real, questioning where it came from. Well, a little sand with your oyster is a guarantee that it came from the ocean and not some mad oyster scientist's laboratory. And sometimes the sand adds a nice little crunch.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dew Drop Burger

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dew Drop Inn: The Burger that Inspired Buffett

The Dew Drop Inn has been serving Mobile, Alabama for over 80 years and claims the title as the oldest restaurant in Mobile. Their florescent, world famous "Dew Drop Hot Dog" is listed as one of the 100 foods to try in Alabama. The menu even instructs hot dog hungry customers how to order a dog properly, thus becoming a true hot dog connoisseur. Although the Dew Drop Inn is not renowned for its culinary elegance, one critic claims it has the best burgers in the world. That critic is none other than the Mobile grown Jimmy Buffett.
"I like mine with lettuce and tomato,
Heinz Fifty-seven and French fried potatoes.
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer.
Well, good God Almighty, which way do I steer!"
Buffet's popular "Cheese Burger in Paradise" undoubtedly qualifies him as a notarized burger critic to the highest degree. Although the burger he sings about differs from the burger I thoroughly enjoyed today, which is OK because the Dew Drop Inn only claims to have sparked his obsession for cheeseburger. My slim burger came topped with chili, a slice of cheese and a sliced pickle. Not a whole lot to it, and not much to look at either. But hey, it tasted great and was less than $3, cheaper than most fast food burgers. You can't judge a book by it's cover just like you can't judge a burger by it's buns So Jimmy's cheeseburger in paradise may not be found at the Dew Drop Inn, but I believe 100% that he was inspired by this quaint, historically rooted burger joint. Perhaps after a few hours in Margarita ville the Dew Drop Cheeseburger becomes the burger lusted over in the song.