Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reverend Chico's

I did an article on this place before it opened and the owners made it sound great. But who wouldn't talk up their own restaurant? So I decided to check this place out for myself to see if they are all they claimed to be. Based on four categories, Ambiance, Service, Drinks, and Meal, I rated the restaurant. I combined Plating and Taste into one category, Meal, because I wanted to make way for a new category which college students care a little more about than the way their food looks on the plate, booze. Five points can be awarded to each category Ambiance. 5 Reverend Chico's is in the old Cosmos coffee spot. If you remember what Cosmos looked inside, you will understand why I gave Chico's a perfect 5.

With six flat screens, street wall windows and tall tables, Chico's provides a comfortable dim lit atmosphere. This place really looks great. I think they really did a great job at incorporating a Latino theme without going over the top, like a ChiChi's or DonPablo's. It's an overall comfortable, classy environment.

Service. 3

Since all of the food is carefully prepared, such as the papaya is sliced and fried instead of dumped from a bag in the freezer, a little wait is tolerable. Chico's has two service options. You can either order at a window or give your order to a server. This is a good option for customers, but I think it will take a while untill all of the kinks are worked out. Advice; if you sit down at a table, definitely order from a server.

Drinks. 4

I had their house Margarita and a tall Amber Boch. The reason why I chose them is the same reason I scored Chico's drinks a 4 and not a 5, the price. Even though Chico's has great happy hour deals and late night specials, the drinks are a little pricey. So go during happy hour or after 9 for affordable drink specials that wont break your wallet. I heard the house Sangria and "Mo-chico" mojitos are wonderful. The house Margarita is made without sweet and sour mix, instead with a simple syrup and lime juice so that the drink isn't overwhelmingly sour. Word.

Meal. 5

I had the BBQ Pork Tacos and some Plantain Chips, and they where delicious. The pork was sweet and tender and the tortilla hugged them neatly. I have had plantain before but never plantain chips. I would compare them to potato skins but with a hint of something sweet. I was expecting more of a banana presence in the taste, put I was mistaken. I know it's unfair to rank a restaurant on one dish, but I really enjoyed my meal and so did everybody else I asked. Reverend Chico's provides a new exciting flavor to the area that larger Latino restaurant chains can't and is practically just as affordable.

My meal...
  • Amber Boch $2.00 happy hour
  • House Margarita $2.50 drink special
  • Plantain Chips $2.00
  • BBQ Pork Tacos (3) $6.00
Total - $12.50 and some change Reverend Chico's final score... 17/20

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Doritos got me Blue

A new product has made it's way onto shelves and into the hearts of many Doritos fans, though it has left me feeling a bit indifferent. The Collision combines two flavors in one bag, as if one flavor accidentally ran a red light or vered into oncoming flavors. But Doritos stepped it up a notch by creating brand new flavors that are complementary to one another. The two flavors on shelves as of now are; Hot Wings & Blue Cheese and Zesty Taco & Chipotle Ranch. I have not had the Zesty Taco & Chipotle Ranch, but I have had Hot Wings & Blue Cheese and it left me a little satisfied but mostly frustrated. Being a huge fan of Blue Cheese I knew that I would enjoy the new bag. Blue Cheese is perfect for Hot Wings, its like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, nothing goes better together. But what about Blue Cheese & Blue Cheese? After a few handfuls I began sifting through the Hot Wings and going directly for the Blue Cheese Doritos. I want a bag of Blue Cheese Doritos with no Hot Wings, but unfortunatly that is impossible since they are only available in the Collision bags. Doritos gave me a gift and then gave me a chore. I would like to see Blue Cheese Doritos in bag all to itself, but in the mean time I am just going to have to find somebody who feels the way I do, but about Hot Wings, and share bag.